Tribes: Ascend - Advanced Graphics Configuration beta

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  1. Uranium-235

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    Tribes:Ascend - Advanced Graphics Configuration

    Version 0.2.4 BETA

    Here is an advanced configuration editor for T:A. It includes options not by default in tribes.ini (at least ones that were known at one time to make an effect). Its a culmination of 2 weeks of work, researching T:A INI guides and UE3 guides. Also two weeks of learning Visualbasic from scratch. It will probably stay beta in homage of the fact T:A really will always also be in beta

    Reply with what you think and other ideas, also if you have having problems to go the about page and and email me your error and ini file. So far this version has produced no known problems
  2. ingsoc

    ingsoc Member

    Thank you.

    Now I can set my settings in comfortable program instead of digging through the ini and change things manually.
  3. Uranium-235

    Uranium-235 New Member

    wow I wish I could edit my original post, or post a fix I made, but appearently my max size goes down. well heres a preview anyways

    lets see if I can link the new version

  4. yunohaxor

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    So chrome users may have a "unsafe" file notification but I can assure you it does nothing because I scanned it for viruses and downloaded it myself. Great job.

    Edit: I played around with it and it is extremely useful. Thanks!
  5. cybernetic

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  6. PapiJumpable

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    Will dl after school. [​IMG]
  7. xanek

    xanek New Member

    I'm getting this error after I try to use this for the 2nd time


    I've also deleted the TAAGC.agreed and it doesn't do anything, if I continue, it shows the resolution at 1x1,and everything else isn't set.
  8. Uranium-235

    Uranium-235 New Member

    try downloading this one, its been updated since then


    fascinating I'm getting this dictionary crap again. You're the only one having this issue. See if it works. If not, send me your tribes.ini to the email address in the about page
  9. xanek

    xanek New Member

    K well I got it again, and I sent you a email.
  10. Uranium-235

    Uranium-235 New Member

    the issue was appearently with _maybe_ an open beta ini (that hasn't been changed since release) that was missing mipfilter and minmagfilter in its texture groups. It now defaults to T:A's settings for these two if these two are missing and writes them when saved

    the link above from contains 0.2.6 with these fixes

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